What Do You Want On Your Tombstone? (Spectacular Spider-Man #151)

What I Remember: This book is a continuation of last week’s story. Robbie is in prison and Tombstone is his cellmate. I don’t remember any more specifics other than Spidey breaks into prison to see Robbie and Robbie gets a job in the prison laundry. It's weird what sticks in your head sometimes


Vital Stats:

Spectacular Spider-Man #151 ”Lock up”


Writer:Gerry Conway

Artist: Sal Buscema

Letterer: Rick Parker

Colorist: Bob Sharen

Editor: Jim Salicrup

Publisher: Marvel

Publication Date: June 1989

Cover Price: $1.00

Re-Collecting Price: $3.50


Is It Any Good?


Once again this book juggles multiple storylines. Issue #151 centers more around Spider-Man than our last issue, which was more about Robbie going to jail and Gloria Grant discovering her beau was a Kingpin-hating werewolf. Spidey pays a visit to Robbie’s cell to let him know that he’s going to look out for him, but instead of being reassured, Robbie seems scared. As Spider-Man leaves we learn that in the next cell is Tombstone, the man Robbie sent to jail.

Apparently our hero has selective Spider-Sense.

Just as it’s starting to look like Robbie’s going to have a long stay in prison as Tombstone’s special friend, another prisoner, the aptly-named Bruiser, puts Tombstone in his place.

Meanwhile,Gloria Grant has snagged the Bugle’s file on the Kingpin and accidentally walks in on a meeting of the also aptly-named,Hermanos Lobos (As he later spells out for the gringos, The Brothers Wolves)She’s scared and runs to the Bugle to confess to Jameson.

Peter couldn't have thought that would work, could he?

After seeing another smear piece from the Bugle, Peter decides to confront Nick Katzenberg and Jameson,to find out why they are sullying his name. Katzenberg winds up in a hot dog cart and Jameson webbed to the ceiling of his office. Of course, this being a Spider-Man comic it backfires and Katzenberg gets a shot of him torturing Jameson, who is so pleased by the events, that he stops the presses to run the shot. He also forgives Gloria’s confession and reveals himself to actually be the Chameleon.

Gotta love a dramatic monologue in thought bubbles.

Did I mention, we also get a cameo from the Puma? He seems ready to return to New York to confront the new Jameson about his treatment of Spidey who earned his respect in their last battle.

Continued after ad: 

This looks like the type of kid that would invite you over to his house and tell you that you can be player two, in Zelda.

Worth Re-collecting?

Like, last issue a lot happened in this issue, and lots of previous issues were referenced in editor’s notes. For example I don’t know why Peter and MJ are looking for a new apartment. But the story left me interested to see where the Hermanos Lobos story is going to lead, since Kingpin’s main hitman is in prison tormenting Robbie. This book is worth the read and I’m still interested in Gerry Conway’s run.

Men are such dogs!


Next Issue: We travel with the Hulk to the Savage land and relive his epic encounter with Ka-Zar and his trusty Sabretooth, Zabu. It's The Incredible Hulk #109, from 1968! See you next week!

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