Doomsday! (Superman #75)

What I Remember:

This was the book that got me into collecting comics. Prior to this, comics had been hand-me-downs and the occasional issue that my parents had picked up for me because they knew I liked superheroes. But, this was the first book I actively sought out and I started buying my own books after. 

For those too young to remember, “The Death of Superman” was a huge storyline with major mainstream news coverage and it was possibly the first storyline where the main character actually died. Sure, characters died, you lost Uncle Ben, Gwen Stacy and Bucky but you never lost Spider-Man, Captain America and certainly not Superman, the greatest hero of them all!

In November 1992, I was nine years old and heard that DC was planning on killing Superman and the thought blew my mind? Who could be powerful enough to kill Superman? How would he manage to do it? I got my mom to give me money and drive me over to Cosmo’s Comics and Cards,  my local Bronx comics shop to pick up a copy.

The book was sealed in black bag with a bloody Superman symbol. I wasn’t even sure if I should open it. In retrospect, I probably should have picked up 2 copies but I was a dumb nine year-old, what did I know about collectables? I opened it. The bag contained the comic, we’re reviewing, a poster that I put up in my Jr. High locker, a black armband like the DC heroes wore in the aftermath, stamps, a Daily Planet clipping and a trading card. All of which I lost over the years.

Here's the full contents of the book, shamelessly taken from Google: 

I'm so shameless.


Vital Stats:

Superman #75 "Doomsday"

Words and Pictures: Dan Jurgens

Inker: Brett Breeding

Colorist: Glenn Whitmore

Letterer: John Costanza

Assistant Editor: Jennifer Frank

Editor: Mike Carlin

Superman Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster

Publisher: DC Comics

Publication Date: January 1993

Cover Price: $2.50 for the polybagged version

Re-Collection Price: What’s left of my original issue.


What Happens:

This is the seventh and final part of the "Doomsday Saga." The battle for Metropolis is well underway at this point. The Justice League has been decimated and only Superman remains in Doomsday's path.

Somehow, Superman is bruised and cut despite being invulnerable. There’s soldiers from the Cadmus Project and reporters in helicopters trying to get photos and footage.

So much destruction that it could be directed by Zack Snyder!

The battle wages on and for the first time Superman seems overmatched.

Nevermind, Zack Snyder would never have Superman save people

After being tossed into the Daily Planet's helicopter, he still takes the time to get them to safety and even gives Lois a goodbye kiss before returning to the fight.

One of my favorite Superman images.

Lois and Jimmy return to the scene of the battle because their good journalists and need to get the story. Lois even attempts to distract the monster to give Superman a chance to get back into the fight.

Right in the kidneys!

Superman finally manages to hurt the monster and the two stand trading blows like boxers in the last 10 seconds of the fight.

They both fall. Doomsday is stopped and Superman dies in Lois Lane’s arms. 

If anyone wants some Superman/Jesus imagery check out "La Pieta" Michelangelo and compare it to this. 


Continued After Ad:

 This ad features to other fallen heroes from my childhood.


Worth Re-Collecting?

This book has an interesting format, there’s only one panel per page. It shows how huge the battle is. The story is well-crafted, Superman is Superman until the very end. Never thinking of himself, taking time out of the battle to help people and even his last words are seeking assurance that Doomsday is stopped. He died protecting Metropolis.

Jurgens art is also awesome. I think he’s one of the definitive Superman creators that really knows what he’s doing when it comes to Big Blue. Even his work on Superman today is well done if not as momentous as his work from the 90s.

This book is re-selling for $10 on the internet and is worth picking up because it’s THE comics event of the 1990s and is selling for cheaper than the first part of the series Superman: The Man of Steel #18, which featured the first appearance of Doomsday.


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