Cosmic Family Feud! (Silver Surfer Vol. 3 #16)

Writer’s Note: My apologies to the dozens(and that may be generous)loyal readers that haven’t had a entry in three weeks. Unfortunately the last few weeks have been filled with surprise job interviews, surprise doctor’s appointment’s and pre-planned trips across the country and unfortunately,The Re-Collector had to suffer.

In the future,I will do my best to alert my readers when I need to take time off in the future and not bite off more than I can chew. On with the blog!


What I Remember:

I was reminded of this books existence after watching Guardians of the Galaxy, I was filled with the energy that a comics fan has after seeing a great comic book film with a non-comics fan and was frantically explaining to my wife the concept of Thanos and the Infinity Gems and how as a kid I had a Silver Surfer book, where the Reed and Sue Richards brawled under the possession of the gems. My wife was less than interested, but I had to re-collect the book

Vital Stats:

Silver  Surfer Vol 3 #16

Writer: Steve Englehart

Penciler: Ron Lim

Inkers: Joe Rubinstein

Colorist: Tom Vincent

Letterer: Ken Bruzenak

Assistant Editor: A.A. Perry

Editor: Craig Anderson

Editor In Chief: Tom DeFalco

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Publication Date: October 1988

Cover Price $1.00

Re-Collection Price:$5.00


What Happens?

Our story picks up with Sue Richards embodied by Malice and in possession of the “Soul Gems” as they are called at the time. She is able to control them through her invisible force field. Malice has stolen Galactus’s ship, leaving him to die.

A Four Thought, get it?

A Four Thought, get it?

Meanwhile, Reed and the Silver Surfer are captured by the Trader. Surfer cannot escape unless the Trader dies and elders, like him can’t die or can they?

Turns out the Elders were lying to their prisoner and Reed figures out their deception. They arrange a deal for transport back to their realm, where they are immortal and the Surfer’s freedom after Sue is rescued.

Mr. Fantastic dropping truth bombs!

Mr. Fantastic dropping truth bombs!

Using the power of the Silver Surfer’s board they try to catch up with Sue and Malice and the Surfer fills Reed in on Magick, Lord Chaos, and Master Order.

Wasn't the In-Betweener on an episode of Star Trek?

Wasn't the In-Betweener on an episode of Star Trek?

They catch up with Malice and battle the spirit possessing the Invisible Woman.

The dialogue writes itself

The dialogue writes itself

Suddenly Dr. Doom and the rest of the FF appear on the ship’s screen (featuring a very deformed Thing )which distracts Reed and he touches a gem.

 Ben Grimm needs to make an appointment at Yancy St. Dermatology

 Ben Grimm needs to make an appointment at Yancy St. Dermatology

Now, Surfer has both Richards possessed by the Soul Gems.

Scan_20160513 (8).jpg

Reed attempts to control all of the gems and their combined powers summons the In-Betweener!

Continued After Ad:

Nintendo, Sega and Commodore?! Sign me up!

Nintendo, Sega and Commodore?! Sign me up!

Bonus Bullpen Bulletins!

I want to be Terry Kavanagh when I grow up.

I want to be Terry Kavanagh when I grow up.

Worth Re-collecting?

I have a habit of buying only a part of an arc and it’s becoming a bit frustrating.

The celestial forces possessing Marvel’s first couple via the Soul Gems makes for an interesting story and the ship drifting into the black hole as all this goes on, creates a nice cliffhanger. It’s also fun to see the Soul Gems in their infancy, knowing how they will affect the entire Marvel universe in the next decade and even the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

However, the book drags a bit in the middle with five pages of exposition and Reed negotiating the Surfer’s freedom. The art is literally just shot, reverse shot of characters talking with no illustrations of the concepts Reed is talking about. It makes the book drag and is not the best use of space.

Next week:

Does that guy have screwdrivers for fists?

Does that guy have screwdrivers for fists?

Just in time for Captain America: Civil War we have Captain America vs. The Freedom Force! See you next week, I promise!

Back Cover:

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